come on in!

Whether you're a Broadway lover, a cabaret cat, or just someone looking for a classy place to catch up with an old friend, there's a NYC piano bar to suit your needs. In this city, there are literally hundreds of options for every form of entertainment, and it can quickly become overwhelming. We've focused our efforts on finding the best NYC piano bars so that all you have to worry about is having a grand time!

Piano bars are a throwback to a time when speakeasys were abundant and entertainment was always live. Because of this and the nature of NYC, today's piano bars transport you back in time by bringing about this old fashioned, classic approach in a refreshed manner. So leave your cell phone in your pocket and strike up a real conversation with the person sitting next to you -- or sing along with the tunes coming from those white and ebony keys.

Visitors to NYC will benefit even more from our reviews! As native New Yorkers, we know what to look out for and where to go -- so you'll feel like you have a friend by your side, even if you don't know a soul in the city. We'll help you avoid the tourist traps so that you can have a genuine NYC piano bar experience!